Panther Jackets


Being a platform for Electronic commerce, we welcome our clients to be a part of our website and portals. We encourage them to place orders as it brings us information on their likes and dislikes. Those preferences are key to us. We secure these packs of information with us. As we value your privacy and we have a certain policy to abide by.


Information Acquiring

We only collect information that is essential for the benefit of customers in the future. We store these pieces of information in our systems and keep them confidential. The information is used for delivery and order confirmation purposes. Similarly, if the customer accepts our newsletters. In that case, we use the email they provide us to send newsletters.


Data Sharing

Panther Jackets don’t have any kind of policies relating to sharing data with a third party. Moreover, We make sure never to use the information provided to us by the customers for any kind of marketing purpose. We neither allow an outsider or even our own marketing team have access to the information that you provide us.


Payment Information

All the online payment information records we receive are encrypted and secured to our systems. We understand how sensitive pieces of the data files are. We make sure there isn’t unauthorized personnel accessing the information in any manner possible.


Data Access

The data that is received or is collected on the server is accessible to only authorized and selected members of our team, that are appointed on our behalf. We strictly make sure no one can access the data at hand. Only selected members of our team have the authority to use that sensitive data.

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