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For ten years, the band’s moniker, Satin Jackets, has been shorthand for breezy, sun-kissed Balearic house and disco. Founded by German producer Tim Bernhardt, who had already found success making dance music under other pseudonyms, Satin Jacket serves as an outlet for Bernhardt to indulge his longtime fascination with disco and the pristine, polished creations of musicians like CHIC and Trevor Horn.

Satin Jackets, Has Been Shorthand for Breezy Sun-Kissed Balearic House and Disco


“I had always been captivated by how shiny guys like Nile Rogers crafted his music,” Bernhardt says. Always, it sounded like the musical equivalent of a cover of a fashion magazine. For a time, I’d been writing music that was more underground; but, I wanted to completely change gears and produce a more polished, commercial sound.

You Make Me Feel Good, the debut single by the satin bomber jacket, set the ethereal mood for the band’s subsequent work. Eskimo Recordings, the legendary Belgian record company responsible for breaking such acts as Aeroplane and Lindstrm & Prins Thomas, released the song, and it became an instant smash. At gatherings all across the world, its swaying melodies, ethereal textures, and aching chorus set the mood as the sun went down.

Satin Jackets’ Debut Album, Panorama Pacifico, 2016

With almost metronomic precision, Bernhardt established himself as one of the most exciting new names in the nu-disco scene with the release of You Make Me Feel Good, which was quickly followed by a string of acclaimed singles and remixes for some of the genre’s biggest names, including Goldroom and Blank & Jones. The identity of satin bomber jacket womens was shrouded in secrecy, but their smooth, polished take on disco earned them a household brand.

Bernhardt’s status as Eskimo’s flagship artist and as one of the top nu-disco producers around was further confirmed with the release of Satin Jackets’ debut album, Panorama Pacifico, in 2016. After receiving high marks from influential music publications like Mixmag, DJ Mag, and Groove, the record went on to rack up more than 75 million views on Spotify alone, and the golden mask worn by Satin Jackets DJs quickly became a staple at venues and events from Mexico City to Seoul.

Solar Nights, Bernhardt’s follow-up for 2019, would feature more exploration and improvement of the mens satin jacket sound. Singles like “Northern Lights,” which charted all over the world, helped drive the album to widespread acclaim and demonstrated that Bernhardt, like the disco pioneers who inspired the project, could produce both radio-friendly pop tunes and music built for the dance floor.

As the club scene slipped into hibernation due to the epidemic, Bernhardt found ways to keep himself occupied. After moving to Munich right before lockdown, Bernhardt stayed in contact with his increasing fan base through a series of live Lockdown Streams and a string of single releases that included anything from collaborations with pop artists to instrumental, chilled-out compositions. In fact, it was via those Lockdown Streams and the support of his followers that Bernhardt was able to reestablish “the link between what I do and what others feel,” planting the seeds for what was to come.

The Third Album, Appropriately Named As “Reunion”

Just when we’re adjusting to the new reality, Bernhardt is here with a satin varsity jacket third album, appropriately named Reunion. In contrast to the first two Satin Jackets albums, when Bernhardt struggled to find his own sound and then push his works to a new level, Reunion portrays a musician and producer who is completely at ease with his studio talents and aesthetic vision.

Reunion is an impressively assured album that adds new depths and dimensions to the satin baseball jackets sound and sets the stage for the next exciting chapter in the Satin Jackets story, from blissful instrumental tracks that seem to effortlessly float above the clouds to bittersweet wistful pop songs featuring the likes of Australian star Panama, Belgian singer Ivy Falls, US based vocalist Metaxas, and up-and-coming British singer Tailor.

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